What is REBUSEL?

Rebusel is an online platform what will make buying and selling property, products, or services more interactive and personalized. Our platform offers a unique feature of live chat and live video listing, allowing users to have direct contact with property owners, brokers, or real estate companies, as well as merchants who sell products or services. Our goal is to provide users with a user-friendly platform that allows them to post, list, and sell their property, products, or services easily. By offering direct live video contact with sellers, users can ask questions, get detailed information, schedule property viewings, or product demonstrations without having to leave the platform. At Rebusel, we believe that the key to successful buying and selling is open communication between buyers and sellers. By providing a platform that facilitates direct live video contact, we aim to create a more transparent and trustworthy marketplace for all users.

How long is the registration valid?

All registered users will have always unlimited validity for their free SIVER Membership

What are the benefits if we register to Rebusel?

As free SIVER member you have the folowing benefits : Your listings will be viewed by a vast number of visitors to the website, Once registered, how many listings are we allowed to post? All free SILVER members have the following Benefits : 5 Video Posting Included: Admin Panel Included With Chat Support : 5 Free Property Listing included , Live Interaction with Buyers and seller

Once registered, how many listings are we allowed to post?

Rebusel offers 4 kinds of member ships SILVER , GOLD ,PLATINUM and DIAMOND. SILVER what is free of charges for everybody , you can upload 5 listings and try out all , register now on: t it out for free and use our app and see the benefits , in what can be turn on or of monthly ,

How much is the registration fee in Rebusel?

Registration in Rebusel is totally free of any charges. You can register at any time you want with our gold membership you will get

Can i post my property even if i am not a member of this portal?

No, as a visitor, you are free to browse or view all properties posted on the portal. However, just being a visitor and not a member of this portal restricts you from uploading or posting any properties.

What is Rebusel Credit?

Rebusel Credit is a term used for the buying medium in Rebusel.

What are the types of membership plan we can subscribe?

please check it out at

How can we take advantage of our Membership in Rebusel?

As a member of Rebusel, you can gain all the benefits of being a member by using your allotted posting capacity, setting schedules for viewing, and uploading a video for each property posted. You can also have onsite or live viewings through our realtime chat box You can take advantage by buying rebusel credit as well as expand your capabilities by purchasing add-ons.

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